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Matthew Addison & Travis Mann

Matthew Addison & Travis Mann

Otho Studio is a partnership between multidisciplinary artists Matthew Addison and Travis Mann. Otho is a source for curators of expressive dwellings to find original sculptural creations. The pair design and sculpt every piece by hand with meticulous care from concept to finishing. In addition to their public releases, the Otho boys enjoy collaborating with designers and clients on custom projects. Matty and Travis are currently based out of their coastal studio in North Carolina with their dog and muse Windsor always by their side.

Leatherman Bust

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The Impostura

Our first release, full of personality and panache. This lamp doesn't think of itself as just a lamp, but as a friend to your space.

The Classica Cameo

Each and every cameo is finely crafted and original, becoming an instant heirloom that will last generations.

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Art is long, life is short.